Membership Information

Your Membership number is located on the back of your Membership card, above the home fixtures. This number is maximum 6 digits in length.

To be eligible for a concession Membership the applicant must have a current form of identification that proves they meet the requirements below.

    Pensioner – Seniors Card, TPI

    Student – Fulltime NSW tertiary and secondary school students 

    Junior – While Cove Memberships do not have a Junior category, you can purchase a concession Membership for a junior.

A valid copy of your concession card must be emailed through to 

The A-Leagues (APL) manage all the A-League Men's Finals Series matches. Sydney FC Members will be offered an exclusive pre-purchase period to purchase seats, which may include discounts or access to reserving your seasonal seat for the fixtures.

Your Membership commences on the date your Membership is accepted by Sydney FC and continues provided all payments are kept up to date, until May 27 2025 or the date it is terminated. Provided you pay your Membership fees by credit card or debit card you authorise Sydney FC to automatically renew your Membership each season and you authorise Sydney FC to arrange a transfer of funds from your nominated credit or debit card in the amount applicable to your Membership type in the payment preference (upfront or monthly) you have chosen at time of joining. Before your Membership is rolled over to a new season in May each year, you will receive written notice of the upcoming year’s annual fee at which point you can choose to opt-out of being automatically renewed.

No, you will need to redeem it from Mber+. For more information, please click here

Once a Membership has been processed, under our Terms and Conditions, we are under no obligations to cancel the Membership or refund the full amount that was paid. For special considerations, please contact the Membership team via email, who will assess the matter. Please read through the Terms and Conditions before purchasing.

There is a $5 replacement fee per card lost, or you are free to use your digital PDF copy of your card. The cost to cancel your barcode and reissue a new card is $10. Please contact the Membership team during business hours on (02) 8314 5101 or if you wish to replace your Membership card.

Yes. If you are unable to attend a game you may give your card to a trusted friend/relative, but your guests must abide by standard entry and Member codes of conduct. Should any incidents of misconduct arise, your Membership may be suspended or revoked due to the behaviour of patrons using your Membership.

Please be aware that entry to the stadium will be subject to a like for like price type of Membership (e.g. an adult will not be admitted with a junior Membership pass).

Yes, the NSW Companion Card is accepted for Memberships as well as game day tickets. When you purchase a Membership you must send through a valid NSW Companion Card to and you will be allocated an additional seat for the companion. Please contact the Membership team to discuss seating arrangements.

A Family is 1 Adult & 3 Juniors or 2 Adults & 2 Juniors. Juniors are aged 16 and under as of October 10. If a Junior turns 17 during a season, they can continue as a Junior until the next season.

Given the AFC Champions League competition is separate to our domestic competitions, these are not included in Membership packages.

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